Purpose of Association

Malaysian Association of Local Authorities, or more familiarly known as MALA, was set up on October 20, 2000. This is followed by the first MALA Annual General Meeting on November 1, 2000, to elect the executive committee members of  MALA.

MALA members are from the local authorities across Malaysia, namely the  Council/City Council, the Municipal Council, District Council or any other authorised body, organisation or those with its function similar to that of a local authority. 

The main purpose for the setting up of MALA is to play an important role as a parent organisation to coordinate and unify the various activities of Local Authorities in Malaysia in order to further enhance and contribute to the development and progress of the local authorities, whilst maintaining sustainable development within them.

Objectives of MALA:

  1. To foster cooperation and understanding among all local authorities throughout Malaysia as well as mutual help with one another within other relevant fields.
  2. To improve and protect the interest and welfare of the local authorities throughout Malaysia.
  3. To maintain the importance of local authorities as a third level in the system of Malaysia administration.
  4. To cooperate among the local authoriies towards the advancement of the society and country.
  5. To cooperate among the local authorities for the sake of enhancing the economy, finance, sports and culture.
  6. To enhance the role and image of local authorities.
  7. To improve the quality of administration, skills and competence within the local authorities’ management.
  8. To represent the country and collaborate among other local authorities at the international level in enhancing the activities of the Association.
  9. To publish newsletter and display the Association activities for the benefit and knowledge of all, with prior permission from the authorities.

MALA has and is setting up various seminars, conferences, courses and sports and recreation activities that takes into account the participation of all local authorities in Malaysia and its citizens. In addition, efforts have been and are being made to introduce MALA at the international level, especially in the Asia Pacific region. This will be a breakthrough for MALA to represent Malaysia in defending the interest and role of Local Government globally.